Children Books

Innovative children’s book printing in Print Losungen.

We at Print Losungen present to the children a very innovative and creative line of books and designs that are attractive and also help them learn through play. Right now the field of publishing is in the middle of an ultimate self-publishing insurrection, as each day new kid’s book writers are venturing out into book printing by deciding to print their books on their own. These new publishers are foregoing the long-established publishing firms exclusively. Self-publishing provides the writers the freedom and imaginative control. With the control and power there come a lot of problems too. We at Print Losungen are here to take these problems by storm and solve them by making the writer’s job easy. Although there are numerous varieties in children’s books range some of the popular ones that we print have been listed.

Picture books : Small children are the most observant and the early years are the best stages to teach them anything. Picture books help you to teach them the basics by making them observe the colorful and attractive pictures that do the talking. We print pictures that are informative and attractive to the child and keeps them engaged.

Children’s coloring book : What is a better way to make a child’s imagination flourish that giving him a pack of crayons and a coloring book? We print coloring books that include various animal and bird picture and other pictures that are drawn from everyday life and presented to the child to color it in their own imaginative way.